Cost effective spectrophotometric method for the determination of YAN

New Winetech funded project 2018The aim of the project is to develop an improved method to measure YAN, with ammonia and amino acids separately, using infrared spectroscopy. This improved measurement can be added to the range of measurements already conducted by instruments such as a FOSS WineScan. Scanning juice samples is more efficient than classical YAN measurements. This project follows onto a previous Winetech funded YAN project. As a result two datasets to set up the statistical model (calibration) already exist: YAN and amino acid measurements, as well as spectral data of juice for the 2016 and 2017 vintages. Studies conducted internationally testing the principle of using IR spectra for YAN, have very encouraging results. With the help of statistical software the two datasets (classical and spectral) will be used to build and validate the model that will make the correlation between IR spectra and YAN and amino acid concentrations. Three different IR instruments, with different IR ranges, will be used for the study in order to determine the most efficient instrument for measuring YAN. The researchers will also attempt to measure certain individual amino acids. If successful the technology can also possibly be transferred to a handheld device making it possible for all wineries to measure YAN in house before fermentation. 

Researcher: Astrid Buica
Image: Shutterstock


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